About PMC Attachment

PMC Cylinders’ fork positioners for forklift trucks were assessed as having strong growth potential in a promising market. This line of business was converted into a separate company under the name PMC Attachment AB in April 2017, in order to give it greater focus.

PMC Attachment is part of Dacke Industri, the leading Nordic supplier of solutions in the technology sector Power, Motion, Control. Dacke Industri is a globally oriented multinational group with roughly 1,500 employees. The group had sales of approximately SEK 3,4 billion in 2018. Read more about Dacke Industri here.



1984 Ekman Migsvets Linjo (EML) starts manufacturing fork positioners in Vaggeryd, Sweden

1994 Former employees of EML start Östermo Mekaniska

1998 PMC Cylinders acquires Östermo Mekaniska

2007 PMC Cylinders sells PMC6 directly to Jungheinrich of Germany (customer of OEM)

2012 PMC Cylinders sells all integrated fork positioners directly to all customers

2013 All ISO certification is completed: ISO 9001,3834-2,14001

2017 PMC Attachment AB is formed. Now expansion can take place with long-term projects, new recruitment, investment and a separate management team and Board of Directors

PMC has supplied more than 20,000 integrated fork positioners since 1994.